About Us Give Your Helpng Hand To Those Who Need It.


Our Story

We strongly believe in the active participation of children, and thus started working with them since 2 ago and onwards to address key child rights issues such as survival, protection, development and participation.

We are a Indian NGO working for the empowerment of Street and Working Children in Delhi and neighboring states. We believe that children are not on the street by choice, but because they are left with no other alternative.

Street and Working Children are just as much a part of this country as any other individual.That is why at CharityOfAngels we are dedicated to ensuring they receive their rights and are treated equally by our society.

We have 13 years of experience working alongside these children attempting to break the vicious cycle of poverty and get them access to their basic human rights of protection, education, healthcare, participation and opportunities for a livelihood.


Our Mission

The participation of children is fundamental to the achievement of our objectives at CharityOfAngels. Through working directly with the children, together we design the programme of activities that can best meet their needs.

We cannot change the situation that Street and Working Children find themselves in without changingthe attitudes of those around them.We work to ensure their immediate stakeholders and society in general better understand their struggle and what can be done to ensure their rights. We work to sensitize a number of individuals and groups aimed at building an environment capable of nurturing and cultivating a child’s potential for growth and development.

We use advocacy as a tool to make a positive impact on policy making and bring about the desired refinement in the policies that are being implemented, drafted or discussed. Therefore it is vital in helping us reach our overall vision.